What to do

10 things to do in Langhe and Monferrato

    1. Visit our wine cellar and vineyards Villa Giada and tasting with the manufacturer.
    2. Have a dinner and taste local products in one of the best restaurant of our area enlisted by UNESCO as world heritage site.
    3. Assist and participate to the wine harvest during the fall season (September/October).
    4. Walk along luxurious vineyard contemplating breathtaking view of Monferrato hills.
    5. Rent a Mountain bike for an impressive scenic round trip in our vineyards and woods.
    6. Enjoy a day riding in Monferrato area.
    7. A relaxing day in the popular Agliano terme spa.
    8. Visit on Saturday the local closer market in Asti and Alba, beautiful Romans/medieval towns.
    9. Get a change to enjoy our hills by renting a classic car.
    10. Enjoy a soothing massage or yoga lesson in the peaceful environment of Cascina Dani.

Passion lives here

Second only to the passion we have for good food and good wine, we warmly welcome those who share their love for the cars that have made history.

We often host gatherings and groups of enthusiasts during their tours around the magnificent hills of the Langhe. We also collaborate with the Classic Motor Club (and other motorcycle and vintage car clubs), thanks to which we can meet all the needs or unforeseen events that an engine enthusiast may encounter.

And, it’s not just classic cars that interest us. Cascina Dani has always had an eye for green; therefore, we provide our customers with an electric car charging service.